The world seems to stand still when you are told. That feeling you have never felt before, of total sadness. You feel faint and dazed as if you are falling or dreaming. You were told this was going to happen, but you could never be prepared for it. You don’t know what to say, you are totally speechless. You burn up, feel dizzy but no tears will come. You have to get out of there, to escape, runaway anything to make this feeling fade. You just don’t want to believe it had happened after everything. Part of you wants to cry your heart out and the other part wants to hit something with the anger that is raging inside you.

Sound familiar?

Losing a loved one can shake you to your core. There is no greater pain in this world than the pain of losing someone who you cherish with all your heart. Grief is the internal emotional struggle due to a loss. The key thing to understand is that it’s internal. It’s however you experience the feelings associated with the loss of someone you love. Just like, grief is when you feel sad, angry, or even guilty over the loss. It could even manifest into physical symptoms such as having trouble sleeping or loss of appetite. But how do you deal with it? How do you cope from the same?

Everyone deals with death differently. Give yourself time to heal. Let yourself be vulnerable. Acknowledge your painful emotions, and realize they are normal. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy food. Don’t indulge in products that mask the pain. You should avoid things such as alcohol, pain pills, etc. Basically, anything that subdues your natural state of cognitive function you should take a few steps back from it. There are no shortcuts. One day or the other, you have to deal with the problem head on naturally. Any attempt at numbing yourself will give you a temporary solution, but subconsciously it will only prolong the process. Allow yourself to experience a wide array of emotions. Do what you love. Do what your loved one would have wanted you to do. Cherish the memories of your loved one. Open up and talk about it, but only when you’re ready. Allow your friends and family to be there for you.

And if you ever want and need to script your story in a blank diary, we’re always there to be one.


Author: Vira Pansare
Editor: Priya Kundu
Design by: Simran Anand

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  1. You wanted to see me, Sir?
    I was two steps into his office, my suit jacket sliding down my arms as I walked to my location between the chairs in front of his desk.
    “Something has come to my attention that might be interesting.”
    It wasn’t normal for him to blurt out what was on his mind when I was summoned to his office. We had established something of a protocol of how this was to work.
    It was akin to a tribal ritual of exchanging pleasant conversation prior to entering into serious exchange, a ritual intended to maintain civility and peace and calm prior to any interaction.
    I had thought ours was the same, though it had never been expressed or defined. I undressed and he sat back in his chair to enjoy it prior to entering into any business.

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