Who We Are?

Our Mission

Moksha ( Sanskrit: मोक्ष, mokṣa), also called vimoksha, vimukti and mukti,. It refers to forms of liberation and release. “Moksha Foundation” launched on 2020 as a Non-Profitable Voluntary Organisation which brings about the meaningful change in the society through a focus on issues which is hard to address by the people. Our Voluntary Team full of Youth wish to help Youth struggling with Mental Peace, Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Orientation Problem, Study-related doubts, Goal planning, Addiction of toxic. “Moksha” aim is to connect with people, engage them, and empower the communities to become healthy and to create a positive change in the personal, social, and overall development to become a good citizen.
“As all Lives Matter to us “

Abhishek Buddhadev - The Science of Depression - FameLab Bielefeld 2019

Extraordinary Experiences

Abhishek Buddhadev- “ Founder Message”
The best tag line I can describe to myself is changing life from “Suicide to Survival”. I feel begin real is the best gift one can give to themselves. I was a patient of depression for more than 2 years, diagnosed with Clinically depression. With the help of my Sister, Rinkle I got a new-rebirth. Depression made my life miserable. As say’s Coins always have two sides, depression went away but my health got disturbed, taking medicine is my daily job if I can say, deal with Tuberculosis, Tonsil, ligament tear in knees, Ankle got twisted, and lastly dealing with Cancerogenic enzyme H. Pylori, last month also got IBS. I feel being depressed kill people inner mind like, living a life of death living person, that what I felt and now trying my best to remove this big stigma from people’s mind, as I lost my own Grandmother because of Depression, who wish to put a small drop in the ocean of peoples brain that, Mind warming also we need to talk about as we do for Global warming, So I can’t find any story than my own real story to share with people and giving service for the betterment of lives till my last breath, So we can achieve the “Moksha”

Our Core Values

Our Core Values
“Never Judge a book by its cover” we have heard this quote from childhood till now but are we really implementing it ?
– Moksha stands for Light l Peace l Love
– Moksha never Judge any one on bases of their background, religion, Nationality, Sex, Education or personal Identities. because at last, Your Peace of Mind is Our Peace of Mind.
– Moksha help to promote civic engagement, voluntary help and leadership build up among the youth.
– Moksha main aim is to connect with people in real interactions as having thousands of follower on Social media doesn’t lead us to have a shoulder to cry.
– Moksha keeps in mind that the best thing we can give to listener is our patience and acceptance of the situation.