we see the unseen

The mind is the only thing which leads our life, whether having a bad or good mood, emotions come from the mind, What if it stop?
We see hope for being well, hope for support, hope for togetherness, hope for accepting, hope for caring, hope for giving a smile which has been unseen.


it’s OKAY to be OK sometimes, we should accept. Not all the species in the world are the same as way our mind, still, Nature is responding to each one of us, just brushing is needed. We should understand that if our friend goes quiet for a while or starts to seem distant, don’t approach them with negativity or automatically think they are being shady, call them and ask if they are OKAY, invite them over, pray for them. You never know what someone is going through that they aren’t telling us


We should stop considering Anxiety = Depression, informing people about to spend least 10 mins of a day to their near and dear one is much worthy then having 1000 followers or 1000 Social media friends. “Never Judge a book by its cover” same way rather to give our opinion we should try to listen which can also give Anxiety person hope to calm his/her mind. Anxiety person is just normal like us, not a mentally disturbed person. And never have fake believe that, person can’t change , if we are passing over days and time every second , if they get proper guidance support their mind will definitely change.

lgbt, rainbow, sexuality

Imagine knowing at a young age that you are different. Imagine that you see your difference contrasted everyday in the relationships you grow up around. Imagine that your peers hurl insults defining how you are different. Imagine that the social and cultural institutions inform you that your difference is not acceptable. Imagine that you long to be with others who are also different, but don't have a way to connect with them. For many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, this has been the reality of their childhood and development into adulthood. The lasting effects of experiences with such prejudice and discrimination are profound. Having a mental health problem is not something only LGBT+ people experience. However if you or someone you know might be struggling then it is important to seek help & we are here just for that. Let’s connect...

Youth Problems

Youth compare themselves with their friends and peers. Am I too skinny? Am I too fat? Why my hair is so curly? Will girls like me? Why can’t I grow a beard? these kinds of thoughts consume their mind and this comparison may result into low self-esteem. They may lose confidence and fall prey to the inferiority complex. The problem arises due to the current structure falling apart because of the values given to us by our previous generation and how it is failing us at every step. This leaves the older generations unsatisfied seeing their own complex value system being crushed by the bulldozer of change by the youth. Baby boomers have never been adaptable to change so fast. Let us talk about this and find out, how we can contribute to being a better person.

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