“It is our Time to Bring Change!” – Rinkle Buddhadev

“Being a woman in itself is a superpower”, and Rinkle Buddhadev proves this statement no less. She’s a dutiful daughter, a caring sister, a lovely wife, an amazing mother, and a hardworking professional. Rinkle Buddhadev is a successful Womenpreneur based in the UK/EU. She is the Director of Moksha Foundation, Executive Board Member of Women-Empowerment Club, Surat; an award holder of “Woman in Social Awareness ” by Zee News (The Million Pixel), Mumbai, and most importantly, above all, she’s the “Mother of Moksha Foundation”. Today Moksha Foundation is working with more than hundreds of Volunteers, helping people to get relief out of their frustration and give an active pair of ears to their stories full of ups and downs & celebration and agony. Rinkle Buddhadev envisions Moksha to touch new heights with the sky being the limit.

We are currently living in a country where most of the parents are appreciating Sharma Ji’s son for securing a 9-5 job in some bank but isn’t being supportive when their own daughters are wanting to step out of their homes and start with their individual start-up with a minimal set of capital. Rinkle Buddhadev is one of those women of her family who was confident and brave enough to take this step and start with her own company. Her goal now is to radiate this energy that she has in herself of standing up and trying to be independent even after being happily married and being a mother herself.

Rinkle believes, “You cannot achieve want you want, until you know every minor step that has to be taken to actually attain the target!”. Hence, her first and foremost target is to work towards the girlchild education, Because, until and unless a person has some basic knowledge, he or she cannot decide on what field can help them flourish in the future. Her ideology is to be a good listener first, then an adviser; after saving her brother’s life from Depression. She’s working in the same field to escalate girlchild education in collaboration with Moksha too.

In addition to this, Rinkle also recons of how a person’s mental health can reflect directly in their graph of success. She says, “If a girl or any person for that matter is not mentally at peace then how can we expect her or them to thrive in what they are wanting to do and achieve?”, along the same lines she also quotes, “You cannot expect a glass full of a mixture of sand and water to separate itself all alone in a fraction of time. You have to give it some time. Let the sand rest in the base of the glass and then after a while when you see it’s the right time, you carefully tilt the glass and filter out the clear and clean water out of the mixture. This is exactly how you separate a person dealing with a mental health discomforting condition. You cannot expect that person to stand up one day and ask him/her to step out of the stress they are dealing with. You have to give the person a proper amount of time so that the person can let the stress set itself down and eventually you can pull them at a comfortable pace to come out of that space with a clean and clear mind. Cause let’s be practical. Can we drink water mixed with sand and abate our thirst? Exactly the same way, can we expect a person already dealing with a mental health issue to work efficiently and achieve the goals of her or their life?”, this explanation of hers helped a lot of people around her understand the way of dealing with people facing mental health issues. It also gives us a new way of looking towards the perspective of growth in a person’s personal and professional life who has been fighting with mental health issues. Hence, Rinkle has started the Women-Empowerment Club where she handles every day 40-50 women to get fit & fine via free Yoga Sessions in Surat, India, and along with that Moksha Foundation is already working into the field of Mental Health which is again is happening under the mentorship of Rinkle Buddhadev.

Moreover, Rinkle doesn’t want to confine her wings till Mental Health and the issues aligned with it, she is aiming and working upon other social welfare stigmas like Sexual abuse, Period poverty, Healthy, and Gender-Neutral Parenting, and many more such stigmas. Along which she quotes, “Addressing and Destigmatizing these issues is definitely not something which can be done overnight. It’s a gradual process. It’s a very meticulous process. And I am much looking forward to bringing change in this society with my ideologies and with the help of my brother and his team of Moksha, to which I hope, wish, and pray to see our country in a rather better place than it is today!”.

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